Oil Filtration

Your Electrical Equipment Needs Clean Oil

RESA Oil Filtration Service Can Add Years to Your Equipment’s Life

With the cost of unexpected failures, replacing equipment, and lead times, oil filtration has become a fast growing practice in today’s power systems. RESA Power’s oil filtration unit helps in revitalizing the existing insulation oil by removing moisture, dirt particles, and gases

that are decaying your electrical apparatus. The infiltration of moisture in oil has been determined to be one of the leading causes of accelerating the aging process and shortening the reliability of the equipment.

How does our process work?

Our trailer-mounted dehydration systems can be taken anywhere and can be connected to your equipment with ease. Our units utilize 0.5 micron filtration, heat, and a vacuum process that enables a closed loop between the apparatus and the trailer at rates from 12 to 35 gallons per minute. Along with the vacuum system, RESA Power can connect a Fullers Earth System in series that will lower or eliminate contamination due to solvents and acids that have developed in the oil.

With onboard digital vacuum gauges, our operators can determine the end point needed to assure moisture and gasses are below system voltage specifications.

RESA Power can also offer vacuum filling of new transformers, oil inhibitor additives, and degasing services.

How do you get started?

Easy. Give us a call at (800) 996-9975 or email us at OilFiltration@WestCoastSwitchgear.com. We’re always happy to answer any questions.