Low Voltage Switchboards

Superior Power Distribution, Protection, Monitoring & Control

The RESA Power Low Voltage Switchboard is designed, constructed, and tested to provide superior power distribution, protection, power monitoring and control. The WCS Switchboard is designed to maximize the functionality of the world-class Emax power circuit breakers and the Tmax molded case circuit breakers. RESA Power follows the vision of ABB products in providing customers with advanced solutions to meet the needs associated with the mechanical, electrical and thermal stress of today’s manufacturing environment.

Which markets benefit from using RESA Switchboards?

Oil and gas

Utility and co-generation


Generator manufacturers

Food and beverage

Critical power and data centers

Mining and materials

Steel mill

Waste water

Power generation


many more...

Basic Specifications

Standard UL 891

Modular frame arrangements

Efficient and flexible designs

Operational reliability

NEMA-1 Enclosure

MaxSB available at following ratings:

  • 600VAC

  • 5000A max horizontal bus

  • 3000A max vertical bus in group mounted sections


  • 50/60 Hz

  • 2200VAC RMS Dielectric

  • 50kA at 600VAC and 100kA at 480VAC Symmetrical Short

Advantages to the RESA Low Voltage Dead Front Switchboard

Modular frame design arrangements for flexibility

Optional vertical barriers for between sections

Optional breaker compartment barriers for increased personnel protection

Standard connections to a full range of ABB products

Maintenance switch option

Optional Modbus communications

Optional REA Relay Arc Flash system

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