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Vacuum Contactor

150 amps

600 volts

Low Voltage Contactor

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Current Condition

This photo shows a similar contactor to MVC1949, after it had undergone remanufacturing by
RESA Power. Actual photos of this unk Vacuum Contactor in its current condition are shown above.

Detailed Specs
General Specifications

Manufacturer: ABB

Type: Vacuum Contactor

Model #: unk

Catalog #: unk

Serial #: unk

Power Information

Amps: 150 amps

Voltage Type: 600 volt

Draw-out mounting

NEMA Size: 1W/G

0.4 KVA

Primary Voltage:
220/440 volts

Secondary Voltage:
110/120 volts

Closing Coil Voltage: 5KV volts

Written Detailed Specification

ABB unk Low Voltage Vacuum Contactor, 600 volt voltage type, 150 amps, Draw-out mounting, 1W/G NEMA size, 0.4 KVA, 220/440 volts (primary), 110/120 volts (secondary), Closing Coil voltage of 5KV volts.


All new ABB unks come with the original manufacturer's warranty.

Prefer the value of a Remanufactured unk?

The ABB unk Vacuum Contactor can also be purchased as remanufactured to factory standards (please see ABB Contactor factory remanufacturing specification). A remanufactured ABB Vacuum Contactor can be configured to your specified wiring diagrams. Call one of our sales consultants today.

Available Used
Contactor Remanufacturing

If you would prefer the value of a remanufactured unk contactor, RESA Power is your source for a high quality contactor at a fraction of the cost of a new one. At RESA Power, we don’t just rebuild Vacuum Contactors, we remanufacture them. All of our remanufactured ABB unk Contactors conform to NETA and ANSI C37 specifications, and all tolerances are checked to meet or exceed the original manufacturer’s specifications.


RESA Power warranties these remanufactured ABB unk contactors for one year, including all labor, freight and materials required to return them to operational standards. RESA Power guarantees these contactors will operate to your satisfaction given competent supervision and normal load and usage conditions. Any repairs performed without the express written permission of RESA Power Inc. shall invalidate this warranty. RESA Power shall not be liable to the customer, or to any other person, for consequential damages, lost profits or other kinds of damages arising out of the sale or use of these contactors.

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